Thru-N-Thru’s Social Media


Thru-N-Thru’s social media presence is starting from the bottom. We are starting with zero followers on zero accounts.


Primary Objective: To make company profits for the year reach at least $3,000,000.

Secondary Objective: Gain a sum of 1,000,000 followers across all Thru-N-Thru social media pages by the end of the year.

Secondary Objective: Increase engagement. Reach an average of 50 engagements per month across all social media. (Engagement=comments, shares, replies)

Key Performance Indicators:

Company profits will be calculated at the end of the year on December 31st. Objective will be measured by sales and expenses. Sales must exceed expenses by at least $3,000,000.

To measure the success of gaining 1,000,000 followers, on December 31st the amount of followers on each of Thru-N-Thru’s social media pages will be measured and added together to see if the sum reaches 1,000,000 or not.

Increased engagement will be measured by the amount of engagements Thru-N-Thru receives throughout all social media sites on a monthly basis. Occurrences that would count as an engagement would be; replies to Thru-N-Thru posts, shares of Thru-N-Thru posts, or comments on Thru-N-Thru posts.


One platform Thru-N-Thru is targeting is Twitter. Our company knows it can have a better influence on young adults than any other demographic, and young adults love using Twitter. In an article from marketer & writer Paige Cooper, 30 million Americans or 20% of the twitter population, use twitter daily. Also 44% of Americans aged 18-24 use twitter daily. Thru-N-Thru will use Twitter to engage directly with the consumers. Talk with them to hear any compliments or complaints, and let them know directly how we can possibly solve it. Simply tweet using a hashtag related to Thru-N-Thru and you can have a network of customers talking related to the company.

Another social media outlet Thru-N-Thru will target is Facebook. Our company believes Facebook is a great way to reach new customers. Facebook users input many interests when making an account, many of which could connect them with Thru-N-Thru. Say a new user selects health or fast-food as their interest, Facebook will then give that user recommendations for pages they might be interested in, possibly including Thru-N-Thru’s page.

The last social media platform Thru-N-Thru will target is Instagram. With Thru-N-Thru being a restaurant first and foremost, the best way to get people to see the brands delicious new foods is through posting pictures of the food on Instagram. When people hear about healthy food alternatives, especially healthy burgers, they don’t think the food will be of much quality. Showing people directly what Thru-N-Thru’s food looks like could be a significant turning-point in a consumers decision making process. They will see that the burgers aren’t green and nasty like some might think but look the same, if not better, than a regular burger.

Platform Strategies:


Thru-N-Thru will post everything from advertisements, to AMA (ask me anything) sessions, to information about the company, and anything that we as a company would want the consumer to see personally. Content will be posted every day, with at least one post per day average. Our way to attract followers will be to reply directly with consumers, trying to get as much attention as we can. Using Twitter’s core features, Thru-N-Thru will participate in hashtags that relate to our brand, such as hashtags about health, fast-food, or alternative meals. We will tweet using the hashtag and connect with the network that also uses that hashtag. The tone of our tweets will be passive-aggressive. Letting our consumers know about or healthy alternatives without forcing guilt on them.


The type of content Thru-N-Thru will post of Facebook will be promotional. This is where we post advertisements, information about the company, and new promotions. Thru-N-Thru will post on Facebook at least 4 times a week. And the posts will never range more than two days apart. Our attraction of followers will come from the interests that the Thru-N-Thru page aligns with. Interests that can lead followers to our page can be; health, fast-food, alternative meals, burgers, and more. Thru-N-Thru will use Facebook’s core feature of the news feed to reach more consumers. We will promote ourselves on the news feed so that people who have the same interests as Thru-N-Thru will have a higher chance of coming across our advertisement or page. The tone of our posts calm, with our postings being purely informational. We will engage and respond with our audience through the comment section, with a team dedicated to replying to most of the comments on our posts, so that the consumer feels valued.


The type of content Thru-N-Thru will post on Instagram will be pictures of the food that is available on the Thru-N-Thru menu. Either a new picture will be posted every two days, or a total six times a week. Followers will be attracted through the discover tab on Instagram. The algorithm for the discover page usually shows your top two interests, or posts related to other posts you’ve liked the most. So if someone likes a lot of posts with food, their discover page will be full of other food-related pictures. This is where Thru-N-Thru will come in. Our photos will be shown on possible consumers discover pages and they will in turn follow our account. Pictures won’t be the only thing Thru-N-Thru posts on Instagram. We will also use the core feature of Instagram stories to engage with the consumers differently. We can post anything from new promotions to polls that the consumer can fill out directly from our Instagram story. Our tone for our posts will be passive-aggressive. Showing people there can be a healthier alternative to regular fast-food restaurants, but not forcing guilt on them.



For Twitter we can use the pillar content “Do’s and Don’ts”. This pillar content is about which foods are good for you and what aren’t. For the purpose of Twitter we can have a post that includes two photos, one healthy food and one that isn’t. Under the photos there is a survey that other users can answer directly on your tweet. The survey can ask “which food is healthier for you?” and the options for the survey will be the two foods in the photos. This is an opportunity for the community to discuss the survey under your tweet, ultimately increasing brand awareness for Thru-N-Thru. No additional assets are needed for the making of these tweets.


For Facebook we can use the pillar content “Getting to Know Thru-N-Thru”. Since this pillar content is an informational piece on how the food is made at Thru-N-Thru, it is perfect for our audience on Facebook. When we have postings on Facebook about information about our company, we can use slices of video from the pillar content to show the consumer directly what we mean. Only additional asset we need is someone who can edit and alter video using computer software.


We will use the some of the “Who’s the Imposter” pillar content to use for Instagram posts. All we have to do is simply put 4-5 photo stills of the healthy foods from the video, and have the caption say “Can you find out who the imposter is and is actually unhealthy?”. The consumers can then comment under the post of who they believe is the imposter. No additional assets are needed for the inclusion of screenshots of the pillar content in the postings.

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